Compiled list: Legal cases related to online harassment & free speech

In preparing for my lecture on Free Speech and Social media, I’ve been looking for examples where these issues have been explored legally. I was hoping to find someone who had kept a list of them, but since I didn’t find such a thing I started one.

If you know of others to add, or other similar lists, please leave a comment:

Thanks to Venkat, Babs Guthrie, Heather Bussing, Jen Zug, Skud, Cameron Campell, Ellie, Christine Bower, Sarah Jeong for helping find these.

3 Responses to “Compiled list: Legal cases related to online harassment & free speech”

  1. Heather Bussing

    Also the My Space suicide case from a few years back (criminal matter against the mom that posed as a student and harassed a girl, who then killed herself.) Here’s the Wikipedia link for the case with links to the decision.

    Then there are the Courtney Love and Johnny Gill twitter defamation suits that are ongoing now.


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