Drawings inspired by The Myths of Innovation

Artist Amy Burvall took some of her favorite quotes from The Myths of Innovation and made them into drawings. Thanks Amy!


photo photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6 photo7 photo8

3 Responses to “Drawings inspired by The Myths of Innovation”

  1. Phil Simon

    These are fantastic. See your last post. Who could have predicted that someone would interpret your work/ideas in this way? It must feel rewarding.

  2. Sean Crawford


    I guess you know, even without clicking on her site here, that Amy sings.

    Not everyone clicks, so I thought I would share that I have history teachers (all one word) bookmarked where she uses parodies of music videos not to be funny but to introduce history to school kids. I really enjoy the videos.

    I learned of her through the late Roger Ebert.


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