Exclusive: Read the first chapter of my next book

For the last 18 months I’ve been working on a very different kind of book, a memoir about a personal crisis in my family. The book is called The Ghost of My Father and I’m proud to tell you the book is finished and will launch to the world on Wed Oct 22nd, 2014 – if you’re on Facebook, please follow the launch here.

As primarily a business author I’ve spent much of my career advising other people to take creative risks, but rarely did myself. How creative is a writer who only writes in the same genre? If nothing else, I hope you’ll be interested in my book as an expression of me practicing what I preach and taking a big risk myself.

50% of all profits from this first edition of the new book will be donated, divided between Big Brothers Big Sisters and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound – reading this excerpt, and the book, will explain why I’ve chosen to help this particular charity.

Pre-order:  pre-order the kindle edition of the book here.

 Excerpt: click on the cover to download this exclusive book excerpt (or go to: http://bit.ly/ghost-excerpt).


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  1. Steve Harris

    I just started reading the sample chapter. On page 10 of the PDF—the first page of the prose proper—there are several would-be em dashes that are still double-hyphens. Searching the file shows seven more cases. Will you be able to fix those before going to press?

    1. Scott

      Thanks – It will be fixed in the final manuscript. And if I have time I’ll update the excerpt too.

  2. Vinish Garg

    Incredible stuff and I can relate to it so well because I wrote a series of memoirs for my father.

    I tried to reach you when you were looking for an experienced copy editor, few weeks back. I wrote to you as:

    I saw this post at: https://scottberkun.com/2014/copyeditor-wanted-for-the-ghost-of-my-father-memoir/.
    I am not qualified to apply for this position, as I do not have any experience in copyediting.

    However, I am an experienced technical communicator, brand story writer, information architect and speaker at international tech comm events.
    Please see http://www.thecontentmotorist.com/about/ for more information about me.

    In 2011, I wrote a series of memoirs for my father, and I am interested to read your book, pre-release, if possible.
    You can know more about my work at: http://vinishgrg.wordpress.com/memoirs/. A few posts are at:


    PS: I published these in a small booklet of 32 pages and handed it over to my family on Fathers Day, 2011.

    PPS: The comments area for your blog does not auto-expand for its height for lengthy comments (such as this one); and I continue seeing only two lines at a time. Please fix it if possible.


  3. John Khoury

    I’m just two pages into it and already quite taken by it (and apparently compelled to comment immediately instead of continuing to read). You write very well – open, honest and articulate, and the story promises to be a good one.

    1. Scott

      Thanks John. I’m grateful you were compelled.

      1. John Khoury

        Took a lot of guts to write this. Hope you’re holding up well with the curtains opening.

  4. John Khoury

    “The innocence of childhood hinges on its lack of context” – beautifully said

  5. Debra Wen

    Congrat, Scott, for the new book. i’ve read the excerpt, deeply impressed by your power of literature expression. Can’t wait for the publishing date.

  6. Nancy

    Beautiful, Scott. Look forward to reading the entire work; please let me know if there is anything I can do to help during the launch.
    I have a weakness for perfect sentences, and this is one: “It’s a scary thing to know each other for who we are rather than for who we want each other to be.”
    I wish you all the best with the publication and the journey.

  7. Mike Nitabach

    Wow. It was like reading about me and my father, even going to Yankee Stadium. I am really excited to read the entire book!

  8. Heike Meling

    I enjoyed reading your first chapter and look forward to reading the rest …. Takes courage and insight. Love it. Can relate in multiple ways, different issues. Have my own father issues that have been so hard to come to terms with. It’s taken years of searching, self awareness, strength … And removing the amour.


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