Live Q&A: How To Write a Memoir

[Update: The writeup and video from this event can be read/watched here]

Interesting in writing a memoir? or did you read The Ghost of My Father? Or both?

Join me for a live Q&A about my book and how to write a memoir of your own.

When: Wednesday March 4th, 12:00pm PST
Where: Anywhere! It’s online.
How: RSVP here

I’ll answer any questions you have about the issues raised in The Ghost of My Father (FAQfree excerpt here), or questions about how it was written and what advice I have for you if you’re interested in writing a memoir yourself. Trained clinical therapist, and friend, Vanessa Longacre will join to provide expert commentary.

If you can’t make it, leave a comment with your question below, and I’ll answer here or during the Q&A (which will be recorded).


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