Design During Pandemic: a Visual History

Design, good and bad, is central to the human response to the COVID crisis. From the design of respirators, to supply chains to public policy in times of crisis. The number of services and systems that are being redesigned on the fly reinforces the notion that design matters more than ever.

From the beginning I’ve been updating this visual history to help capture what has happened. You may find what you see both depressing and inspiring.

Did I miss something you saw that should be in the history? Leave a comment or ping me on twitter. Also see this list from the UK of pandemic signage.

Click on the image to go to the source.

Did I miss a good one? Leave a comment with a link. Thx.

5 Responses to “Design During Pandemic: a Visual History”

  1. Chad Urso McDaniel

    You got ALL of the great ones I’ve seen so far.

  2. Rohan Singh

    We all need some inspiration these day. Thanks for sharing excellent visual designs with us. These designs make my day.


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