Want me to make a virtual book tour visit at your organization?

Does your creative team need a morale boost? Perhaps some inspiring new stories of how to design and engineer great things? A change of pace to help them recharge in these unusual times?

The stories and ideas from How Design Makes The World can inspire your staff, let them laugh and learn, all while discovering new ways to think about their work that they can bring into the rest of their day.

I’m available for remote talks for your entire team or organization (provided it’s not part of an event where you want me to be a speaker). If you’re interested in How Design Makes The World, setting this up is easy:

  1. All you need to do is purchase 30 or more copies of How Design Makes The World for your team (you can buy bulk kindle editions, or print through Amazon, Bookshop or Porchlight)
  2. If you want signed copies (print, obviously!), and/or a custom header page in each book (with your organizations logo and a custom message), this can be arranged for a fee + shipping costs.
  3. Contact me to schedule a day/time that works best.
  4. I’ll briefly share key stories and themes from the book, followed by an extended Q&A with you and your team.

Not sure? Here’s a short film that might help get you inspired.

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