Do you teach with my book? Get in touch for a custom video

Over the years it’s been rewarding to see how many courses use one of my books. I write to teach and it’s great to know I can help teachers do what they do.

If you’re someone who uses one of my books in a class, you should get in touch.

Now and then there are bonus materials I produce for my books (like this Speaking Checklist for Confessions of a Public Speaker). If I know you use my book, I can notify you when this happens.

How to get a video made for your class:

  1. Tell me the name of the class
  2. Include a link to the syllabus if you have one
  3. Name a topic or question you want me to talk about
  4. Get in touch with the above information.

These are fun for me to do and it’s a way I can give something back. I’d like to thank you. These are fun to do and helps me learn and often gives me ideas for new things to write about. I appreciate what you do and honored you’re using something I made.

For example: here’s a recent video I made for Dr. Lisa Gundry at DePaul University for her course on Innovation. A quick lesson on how design and innovation go together, but it’s trickier than it seems.

2 Responses to “Do you teach with my book? Get in touch for a custom video”

  1. Medha Kulkarni

    Hello Scott,

    Greetings from an ardent smitten follower of your work.

    I teach Communication and Presentation Skills for employability and professional readiness in higher education segment. I do follow your book, checklist, blogs and virtually everything that you share. It has been quite pivotal for me to substantiate my content through your practical insights and have been seeing great results thereby.

    I am currently teaching a class of Graduate and post graduate students. I would love to get the video from you so that they can also be equally smitten as I have been.

    Look forward to hear from you soon.

    Much Love & Warmth all the way from INDIA


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