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How To Pitch Ideas Q&A (for designers)

in General

Last night I ran a workshop on How To Pitch Ideas, hosted by the wonderful folks (Llewyn Paine, Emilie Thaler and  Cathie Toshach) at the Seattle IXDA chapter. The topics covered were generated by the attendees themselves at the session… Keep Reading »

Vote On The Cover Design: Final Round

in Ghost

More than 350 of you voted for the previous round of cover designs. Thanks for your feedback dearest readers. A few weeks have passed since then and I’m back today with what are likely the final cover concepts: only… Keep Reading »

Snowpiercer Review

in movies

I’m a fan of creative dystopia and when I saw the graphic novel Snowpiercer at Elliot Bay Books I immediately picked it up. The premise is ridiculous, but metaphoric: all the survivors of the human race are stuck on… Keep Reading »