Thursday linkfest

  • Updated list of online games with good UX design. The folks at goodexperience update this list of games with the primary critieria being fun, easy to learn gameplay.
  • How it all ends. A very smart, funny, well produced but low-tech, youtube video about understanding global warming. Interesting primarily for it’s well done wacky / teacher / presenter learning style. This took significantly more time to make than to watch. It’s just flat out good, intelligent communication of an opinion.
  • Apophenia. Whenever you meet someone with misplaced faith in some crazy stock market investment strategy, instead of just calling bullshit, you can now tell them they suffer from apophenia.
  • Lakota indians threaten to secede from the U.S.. Hard to tell how far this will go as the logistics here are complex no matter what the laws are, but it’s an interesting story so far.

2 Responses to “Thursday linkfest”

  1. Bryan Zug

    And the “how it all ends” guy is wearing a ze frank t-shirt, no? Nice to see the lofi video tactic continue to be used to prod thoughtfully.

  2. Scott

    I think you’re right – Just watched the film Once, which takes a decidely low-fi approach to making a musical, and it rocked in part because when you’re low-fi, there’s nowhere to for bad performance or lousy writing to hide. At least that’s the line of thinking running through my head right now.


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