Live webcast, why designers fail (and what to do about it)

On Tue April 14th I’ll be doing a live webcast for UIE on Why designers fail and what to do about it. This will be the full 90 minute version of my talk, with some new twists and updates specially designed for this webcast, and it includes tactics and approaches to thinking about failure and how both to change your philosophy about experimentation, but also tactics for learning as much as you can from your failures, and failures of designers and creators throughout history.

For this 90 min live talk, a talk you can participate in from anywhere in the world, wearing only your underwear if you choose as I won’t be able to see you, for $129 – Here’s my promo video for the session, with audio voiceover, including a last slide that details the value you’ll get from tuning in.

Details and registration info here – Use my promo code BERKUN to get the discounted price of $99.

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