Why do designers fail? Interview w/Adaptive Path

Last year I gave a talk at UIE 13 on some research I’ve done into why designers fail.

I’ll be talking about failure again at Adaptive Path’s MX event in March.

In the meantime, I had the pleasure of getting some fun questions from Henning Fischer, on the topic:

Henning Fischer [HF]: Scott, welcome and thank you for joining me. My first question for you is: What inspired you to look into the reasons why designers fail?

Scott Berkun [SB]: Hmm. Let’s see. FAILING. I’ve worked on many projects and many of them didn’t work out well, or up to my expectations. And in talking to other designers over the years, I’ve learned it’s rare to find a designer who can point to the finished product and say, “This is exactly all that I hoped it would be.”

Read the full interview here.

One Response to “Why do designers fail? Interview w/Adaptive Path”

  1. Theresa Putkey

    Hi Scott – I read your ideas about this in the Myth of Innovation and appreciate your thoughts on failure as much in this interview as I did when I read your book. My failures have been much more instructive than my successes, but I find that the UX field doesn’t talk about failure much, especially when I attend conferences where presentations need to show “good” examples!



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