More reviews in for the art of PM

More reviews coming in – it’s fun to read these – hopefully I’ll see more:

“This is one of the more practical books on project management that I’ve had the chance to cover. The writing style is also less formal and a bit more “real life” than most. You actually feel like you’re talking with the author instead of being “talked to”
– From Duffberts Musings

“This is in fact a down-to-earth book about a tough job, the management of large, complex projects, with an emphasis on high tech and software… this eminently practical book will be of use to anybody who wants advice on approaching serious project management professionally.”
From Netsurfer Digest

“The book is very broad, and I think it would be reasonably useful for people involved in any team project situation, whether they’re a manager or a player”
– From Tim Hatch

“The book is imprinted by a very pragmatic view: you will learn the difficult art of getting things done, figthing a very wide range of different obstacles. The book is focused on young IT Managers, but can be a valuable help for team leaders and senior architects too. .. Rating: 8 of 10”
– From

“I often ask the question: ‘Have you read McConnell’s work?’ Those interviewees who do not know who McConnell is, or cannot even name the books are removed from the shortlist. I would like to think that one year from now I will be able to ask: ‘Have you read The Art of Project Management?’ Finally, we have a book that doesn’t just teach project management, it teaches the art of project management… it is a portable book of common sense – it should be required reading for those folks on a project and anybody who has interaction with the project team, e.g. upper management, sponsors, CEOs, CIOs, information providers and even customers. Overall book rating: 5/5”
From Craig Murphy, for

There are also ten more reviews up now at

Please let me know if you’ve seen other reviews out there, or if you’ve written your own.

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  1. […] Scott Berkun wrote an excellent book, The Art of Project Management, reviewed here, where he cites an example: your client in on the operating theatre table, the brain surgeon tells him that the operation he requires will take 12 hours…you won’t find your client turning to the surgeon and saying “no, you have 6 hours”…This just wouldn’t happen, I rest my case: if programmers or developers tell you something will take 12 hours, give them 12 hours (or more if you’re generous), it’ll protect your reputation, they’ll respect you for it and it’ll give your project more chance of success. […]

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