Artofpm reviews: B&A and MSDN

Still seeing some reviews come in which I’m grateful for, 5 months after the book has been out. Most folks don’t know it but the window for books is small: if it’s not picked up in reviews soon after publication, odds are slim anyone will ever even hear about it.

My own interests aside, any time you write a blog post or amazon review for a book, it makes a huge difference to us authors. Even if sales don’t follow, it’s super validating to any author to hear the book meant something to someone. I hope to write more book reviews myself here.

MSDN Magazine had a short review of artofpm:

Scott gives you project management concepts in simple steps, using lots of examples of successes and failures from his own experiences, and he is always considering the “people” factor. With all the emphasis on tools and process that we have today, it’s refreshing to see a book on project management that spends as much time on human factors as it does on technical tools and metrics.

This book is a candid and honest piece of work written by someone who has really been there, done that, and is willing to share.

Boxes and arrows, a webzine about information architecture and UX, had this review:

This is a comprehensive, how-to book devoid of jargon and theory. The author gives direct advice from his own experience. The real value of this book, though, is that it is not about a single methodology for project management, nor is it just for project managers. Instead, Berkun is able to speak about project management at its highest-level without filtering it through a given approach. It is deep enough to keep seasoned project managers reading, but also appealing to non-project managers. I’d recommend this book to anyone looking to improve general project skills.

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  1. Paulo Eduardo Neves

    I really liked your book annotated bibliography. Since they are mini-reviews, why don’t you post them here? They were one of the reasons I’ve bought your book. I’ve had already read and liked some of your recommended books, so I knew I’d also like yours.


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