More reviews in for the art of PM

Great to see that these are still coming in:


The text is light on theory and full of plain talk guidelines, tips and tricks grounded in and illustrated by Berkun’s years of experience leading product teams at Microsoft… A must-read for anyone officially or unofficially in charge of corralling folks together to meet a common goal

Kickstart News

I often tell others that if I go to a meeting or read a book and I learn one thing or get one idea from the experience, then it is worth the money and the time spent. Knowledge is valuable and is our coin of the trade. There is a lot to learn in this book. Berkun brings intelligence, insight, thoughtful commentary and experiences learned from difficult Microsoft projects. It is like learning from and discussing the experiences of a peer or, for new project managers, learning theory and practice from a young master . – Thomas V. Kappel, Kickstart news

I would go so far as to say this. If you are in this role at a software company, and have been doing it for less than 3 years, this book should be your text book. Nothing will matter more in your career than having a good grasp and mastery of many of the skills highlighted in the book. If you are an old timer, then this book will be an interesting read to say the least, if not help you with a situation you might be facing today (or tomorrow).

If you find other reviews let me know. And of course if you’re willing to review the book for a magazine, website or busy blog, contact me. I can get you a reviewer copy of the book.

Thanks to everyone that’s helped get these reviews out there and to everyone that’s actually bought the book :)

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