ArtofPM Book Tour: Oct 11-19, details

Details almost complete. Social night will be at Miracle of science. New boston date added. Still waiting for final details from Cooper Union.

Tu 10/11 – Boston 3:30-4:30pm, Why software sucks and what to do about it, Northeastern University, room Behrakis 10 (health sciences bldg)
Tu 10/11 – Boston 7:00-8:00pm, What to do when things go wrong, details at
10/12 – Boston 12-1pm, “What I wish they told me before I left college”, MIT, Sloan, Bldg E51 room 145
10/12- Boston 4-5:30pm , “Why software sucks: and what to do about it”, MIT CS building, G449 Room 54-100
10/12 – Boston 7 8pm-?, Social night, Miracle of science bar, Cambridge, MA
10/13 – Travel
10 /14- NYC , Razorfish, Private
10 /14 – NYC Google, Private
M 10/17- NYC 12pm-1pm Cooper Union, details TBD
10/18- Pittsburgh 12:00pm, “How to lead software projects (the art of pm)” , Carnegie Mellon University, location TBD
10/18- Pittsburgh 4:00pm, “What I wish they told me before I left college”, Carnegie Mellon University, Newell-Simon Hall 3305
10/19- Pittsburgh 5pm?, University of Pittsburgh, details TBD

The “What I wish” talk will be really fun: – a crossover of business, leadership and life advice I’ve collected that would have saved me oh so much suffering. I’ll be collecting new advice from the audience as well.

Hope to see you. If you’re interested in pub night in Boston comment here and I’ll make sure to follow up.

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  1. Leo Zelevinsky

    Hi, Scott!

    Karen and I are interested in meeting you at the Social night on 10/12. We have to arrange babysitting, but it seems likely that we’ll be able to do that.

  2. dan

    >> that would have saved me oh so much suffering.

    i’m not sure there any substitute for suffering (in this context). i often find it’s the suffering that leads to a greater depth of understanding. like telling kids not to drive too fast or drink too much or …

    nevertheless i would have liked to attend but i can’t swim that far.

  3. JJ

    Excellent – I’ll be at the IDSA talk (and might catch one of the MIT talks)

  4. Sam

    I’ll be at the IDSA event (obviously). Thanks for helping set that up with BostonCHI. I think you may have done more than just help make an event happen, but perhaps you’ve helped unite two Boston design organizations, pretty cool. I’d like to try and make it to MIT at noon on the 12th, I’ll be there if work doesn’t get in the way.

    Keep me posted about the pub night, I’m in.

  5. Lynn Cherny

    Hi — I’m local in the Boston area and may make it to your CHI talk and/or social night. I’m a bit amused, because in cruising your essays page I hit your writeup on the “what you wish you’d been taught in school” which you say you gave at UW — I actually did a very similar talk at UW in 2004 as well, which I have posted in a powerpoint on my own site, “The Hiring Problem: Academic HCI vs. the Real World of Practice.” It’s, shall we say, less polished and more energetic in tone than yours, but very similar in spirit.

    Hope to meet you,

  6. William

    A Razorfish stop? We’re supposedly working with their A-team and I’ve been thoroughly unimpressed. We’re actually pulling the plug on several projects that were going to go their way with little competition and handed them to internal designers. I’m sure the Google meeting will be much more interesting. Wish I could be a fly on the wall. =)



  1. […] Over the next few weeks leading up to the book’s April release (date tba) I’ll dig in on some of these themes, shed light on the myths, and give you a preview of what’s to come. A book tour like last time (west coast and east) is in the works, and I’ll post more details as I have them. Thanks to all of you who have commented here along the way: It’s made a difference and I’m grateful. […]

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