Berkun down under: Sept. workshops in Australia

Working out the final details with the fine folks at  Step two designs to teach my workshop on Leading UX teams. More details to follow but tentative dates are:

Sydney, Sept 1st
Canberra, Sept 5th
Melbourne, Sept 8th

The one day workshop will be a crossover between project management and UX design, hiting all the sweet spots folks leading UI efforts often struggle with (including highlights from the ux-clinic list).

If anyone wants to try to meet up for drinks or a bite, leave a comment and I’ll follow up.

3 Responses to “Berkun down under: Sept. workshops in Australia”

  1. Emily

    Hey, Scott: So excited to see you’re hitting the road. Do you think your project management class will be scheduled at some point in the US?

  2. Donna Maurer

    I’m in Canberra. Probably won’t come to the workshop – will be doing a new project by then and have already told them I’m taking 2 weeks off in the period for conferences (but will tell the new team about it as it is likely to be relevant) – am up for a chat anytime & could rustle up some other UX folks…

  3. Donna Maurer

    Should have added this to my last comment! Don’t know if you are interested, but I know a guy here who is also into innovation (and is an innovation consultant). Let me know if you want to hook up.


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