Last chance! Interview deadline EOD today (more prizes)

We’re almost there – thanks to many of you the interview count for the innovation book is now nearly 85. But being the lunatic that I am, instead of cashing out on my bets, I’ve doubled down. I now have most of life savings on the line, betting, with your help, I can break 100.

Up for grabs are:

  • a $150 gift certificate
  • A subscription to O’Reilly’s Make Magazine
  • A selection of O’Reilly books
  • A $50 gift certificate
  • The good mojo that comes with helping a writer write a book

If you miss the deadline, I’d still love your interview. I just can’t give you any prizes (other than the mojo of course).
So please, if you have opinions on innovation, take a moment and help me out.

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