More on preventing innovation

From Tyler Blain, the Top ten tips on preventing innovation: His list goes further than mine in cynicism, in that it’s actually written as a playbook for squashing the creative life out of orgs. Fun read :) Of particular entertainment value:

5. Treat employees like garbage. Yell at them. Whenever possible, call them at midnight to yell at them some more. They work for us. If they get uppity, make them work on the weekends. Make them dig holes and fill them back up again. Threaten them – especially when they need the job. If you can’t yell, at least be condescending in public forums. Remember we are smarter than they are. Punks.

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  1. Scott Sehlhorst

    Hey Scott – thanks so very much for the shout-out. (Oh, and it’s tyNer not tyLer. Stupid Fight Club movie – we get that a lot).

    I’m still enjoying your book, but my bookmark is taking a siesta at the vision-statement section as I am currently sidetracked reading “Team of Rivals” by Doris Kearns Goodwin. In addition to being a gift from my wife, it is in fact an excellent book.


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