Speaking at American Society for Interior Designers

Hotel Viking, ASID retreat, RIOne thing I strive for is universal themes: finding points that connect different fields and backgrounds. So I’m psyched to be a speaker at the ASID (American Society for Interior Design) retreat this weekend (agenda / speakers PDF). Things like this force me to learn and find new themes, which I love.

I’ll be doing a 90 minute session on:

Cathedrals, papers clips and software: What do ordinary objects, like paper clips and Post-it® notes, have in common with grand design? What can be learned by comparing designed things from different fields? This talk uses examples from great designs in architecture, interior design, software, film, daily life and special places to explore the power of design, teaching us how we can make connections between disparate designs and designers, and learn from them.

I’ll report on what happens, and if I can, share the slides from the session.

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