Comment lottery: win signed copy of the Myths of Innovation

Spending some time this week cleaning up the website, and read through lots of old comments.

You folks out there who take a couple of minutes to comment help me in tons of ways. Most important, you let me know which posts anyone actually cares about. But you also attract more people to the site, encourage others to respond, and provoke me to keep thinking.

So by way of (an experimental) forms of thanks, I’m doing a comment lottery.

  • On Monday December 17th, I’ll pick 6 comments at random from all the comments on this site, including ones to this post.
  • Each person will get, for free, a signed copy of The Myths of Innovation mailed to their door.
  • Any spammy (e.g. 15 posts with the same content) behavior will be disqualified.

Will lurkers suddenly be inspired to leave amazing thoughts in hopes of winning? Or will no one care and nothing will happen? There’s only one way to find out :)

29 Responses to “Comment lottery: win signed copy of the Myths of Innovation”

  1. M Guy

    Excellent idea! Blogs are only as strong as their comments.

  2. jkash

    New to the site, so I don’t quite qualify as a lurker;-) If I don’t win the “lottery”, this book is going on my short list of things to read.

  3. Robby Slaughter

    While artificially encouraging people to comment can only increase the total number of comments, is it not also guaranteed to reduce the average quality of individual comments? If you are incented to give as many opinions as possible, are these not likely to be uninteresting opinions?

    To respond to M Guy, I disagree that blogs are only as strong as their comments. In fact, I think comments detract from most blogs. Jeff Atwood says that A Blog Without Comments is Not a Blog. But I disagree–it’s still a blog, it’s just not one with a bunch of other thoughts attached to it.

    The real question is, is this entry interesting enough to merit a single vote in Scott’s metrics, or will it be counted against me because I’m questioning his motives? :-)

  4. Scott

    Hey, it’s an experiment – If I knew the outcome I wouldn’t be doing it. I doubt a free book will change people’s behavior that much, but I like the idea of finding ways to reward commenters.

    If anyone has other ideas for rewarding people to take the time to speak up, leave a comment.

    And yes Robby, you comment counts :)

  5. Joserra

    You are going to get comments from people who reads you long time ago, but never participate in conversation. ;)
    From now, I´ll try to write some comment in future!

  6. Elaine

    Hi! I suppose I’ve been a lurker for a while. Big fan of the book formerly known as The Art of Project Management, and I enjoy your writing here. It’s almost always good food for thought.

    I wish I had an amazing thought to leave. Mostly, I’m just taking a break from fighting with PHP code that I’m moving to a new server. And the code & server don’t like each other, and I don’t know why not. :(


  7. Elaine

    And whoa. Not joking — I went back, started looking at the generated HTML and realized what I’d done wrong. Thanks, Scott! ;)

  8. Pablo

    Hi again Scott,

    I didn’t receive the book the last time you promised you’ll send one to a reader for contributing :( I’ve written you three or four times but received no response.

    I hope this comment is selected at random and I finally receive the book ;).

    Best regards.

  9. jr

    Hi Scott

    Your comment lottery is actually a good thing. It “forces” me to ask you a question I always wanted to ask but never dared to. :)

    I’m working in a tech company as a Project Manager and would like to change my career slowly in the direction of an “innovation enabler”. Where shall I start? (It can be an URL you give me ;))


  10. James Shrenk

    Will rewarding comments have the effect of increasing the number of comments on the site? Or will it create an expectation of reward that discourages future comments in its absence?

    Seriously though, The Art of Project Management was a great read and The Myths of Innovation is on my wish list. It’s one of the rare times when I choose to read a book because of an author and not completely because of the content (although the content is interesting in itself).

  11. Mark Prins

    Lurked for a long time but commented a few times when I thought I could make a difference!

    And of course right now I am just commenting to have an extra shot at the signed book and not because I think I can make a difference :P

  12. Russell Little

    I’ve been on a journey to tackle the secrets of innovation and develope such a skill. I would love a copy of your book.

  13. Gordon

    Hello Scott,
    Great book, please send me a signed copy to go with the one unsigned one I bought. I’ll donate the unsigned one to my company library.

    I find your book to be a great inspiration at the new position I have in my company. Innovation in product development is totally new to me and you have a great resource that unclutters a lot of the other references that I’ve read.

    If you are in Pleasanton, can you give a talk at our company? We can pay, but our limited in our budget-I don’t control the budget.

  14. Mike

    Also a lurker am I. I’ve enjoyed the topics discussed for several months now, and while continuing a never-ending renovation, I look forward to spending time absorbed with TAOPM over the holidays.

    An interesting question perhaps Scott – what has been your experience with the agility of an organization as a whole, when pursuing agile development within it? How can business development, or finance, or human resources, respond with agility to customer demand?

  15. Jon

    Enjoyed Art of Project Management very much. I hope to win a copy of Myths of Innovation because it is always checked out from our library and hard to get!

  16. minella1977

    I wouldn’t consider myself a lurker (I was turned on to your blog about a month ago by a co-worker). I do have to say that one disadvantage of following a blog via RSS is that you are less likely to comment (as in my case). I have to say thanks though for your inspiration and insight into the innovation process.

  17. Scott

    Welcome all lurkers, former-lurkers who are now commenters, and people reading this comment, looking at that edit box below, and not sure yet what you’re gonna do.

    Good to know you’re all here.

    For those folks that asked questions: I’ll either follow up directly, or look for a “from the mailbag” post soon.

  18. Hanif

    Great another competition with Scott, try my chances again,

    By the way Scott check this out for innovation: agree what he has said, want to share any thoughts?

    I love his statement about personal education and always being a student and growing. I loved your book and look forward to your new one as well.

    Speak soon

    Hanif from overseas :-)

  19. Vivek

    Got both the books for my library.
    However, I would be happy to receive one signed by you.

    Would like to emulate you in being able to fill a shelf with my written works before I say bye to the world…

    Would need more of your ‘Writing’ blogs/essays for the same.

    continue inspiring us.

  20. Kristi

    I’ve just spent rather a substantial amount of time with your artofpm book (research for “information behavior” of project managers for a UW course in the Exec MSIM program), and have only just recently discovered your site. I see that you taught last year at the UW – the class sounds great and I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll teach it again this year or next.

    I’ve had “Myths” on my wishlist for several weeks, and having stumbled upon your nicely sticked carrot – a free copy lottery! – I decided to post, despite not having overly witty or insightful comments at the moment.

  21. Scott

    Kristi: Hey, there’s no requirement for insight – if there were, I wouldn’t be allowed to write on this blog either.

    As far as the creative thinking class:

    1) I’d love to find another department at the UW to teach the class at.
    2) The challenge has been my travel schedule: the two hurdles of finding an interested dept, and lining up my schedule for 4 months to match simply has not happened yet.

  22. Fabrizio

    Hi Scott, I follow your website from quite a while.
    I use a rss feeder too, so is uncommon to write comments.
    Tip: ask some question at the very end of the post ?
    I like your style of writing and your career. You are ispirational to me :)
    Hoping to be extracted to get ALSO the signed copy of the myth :D

  23. PiterKokoniz

    Hi !!!! :)
    My name is Piter Kokoniz. Just want to tell, that I like your blog very much!
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you!



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