Do you use / teach with the artofpm book?

Work is underway for the revision of the art of project management. One goal is to make the book more useful for teachers, professors, or even team leads who work through the book with their team.

If this is you, I want to chat and get your input – Either leave a comment, or contact me. Thanks.

4 Responses to “Do you use / teach with the artofpm book?”

  1. Matt

    Have you considered a “Teachers Edition” supplement/complement, rather than a change in focus of the primary book?

    In that case, and adds a new target audience, rather than changing it.

  2. Scott

    Hi Matt:

    Oh no worries. The book isn’t changing that radically. All I meant is that *one* of the goals of the revision is to make the book more useful for teachers.

    And if I do it right, those additions should be useful to anyone that wants to reuse the book as a reference. The exercises and discussion guide will be written with individual’s in mind, even though it’s focused on groups.

  3. Mark Prins

    I’ve used The Art of Project Management as one of my first steps into trying to structure leading a project team (or leading project teams) and to avoid common pitfalls. I still use it primaryly as a reference for starting up a project.

    I liked the way it was written (straight forward and fun to read) and when I read it I went straight from start to finish in a matter of weeks (thats fast for me:)

    I would love to give some extra feedback, if required.


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