Essay #55 – How to stay motivated

Anyone who does anything year after year has the same challenge: keeping up intensity when the energy, and novelty, fades. This essay is my primary list for staying in the game.

How to stay motivated

4 Responses to “Essay #55 – How to stay motivated”

  1. Jim

    I’ve pre-ordered your book the very minute you said I could do so.

    Not only because I’m interested in the topic and participated in the survey… but because I think you write about stuff that matters.

    I’m looking forward to receiving the book soon!

  2. Mark

    okay, a couple of those definitely do hit home. I’d be interested in hearing you elaborate on anger as a motivator, as I find it has a couple of drawbacks – it tends to use up a lot of energy and it can muddy your thinking. I suppose turning rage into wonder would be the key part of that passage.

    If you have any thoughts on using anger in the process without letting it become a net negative I bet many would find that useful. Though a very powerful force, I often find myself reluctant to let it enter into the motivational or creative process because it can sometimes bring you to a dead stop or lead you down the wrong path.



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