More reviews for Myths

“This is a perfect book for managers all the way up the chain. It documents everything about the creative field that those in it know, and those who manage people in it have been conditioned to forget. If there is one book you pick up this year, pick this one up, read it, give it to your manager, and have him give it to his manager.”
Bieber Labs

“While taking on the role of myth-buster; Scott provides insights into how innovations really happen and more important how they gain adoption. Like his first book The Art of Project Management (O’Reilly, 2005), Scott witty style makes the book easy and enjoyable to read. There’s much in the book that makes you rethink and question the common views of innovation.”
Construx Software

“The Myths Of Innovation is an entertaining book that is easy to read and easy to understand. It makes you think before you assume. Although he debunks and destroys many myths, Berkun actually creates a set of insights that will help you come up with ideas…”

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