Myths of Innovation: $14.99 on amazon

It’s still a mystery how sets its pricing, but the Myths of Innovation is at an all time low at $14.99 (Lists at $25) – this is 40% off the cover price.

No idea how long it will last – they don’t tell the authors these things.

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  1. Tom Mulhern

    Well, late yesterday, at an Innovation conference in Phoenix I paid the cover price for your book. And now 2:30am in Chicago, I finally put it down, having read straight through to the Colophon.

    And I am so happy I didn’t wait the extra 48 hours it would have taken me to save the $10.01.

    This is without question the best book, pound for pound, about innovation I have ever read, and I’ve read quite a few in 16 years as an Innovation Consultant and student of the history of Technology. What you say about Edward Carr’s “What is History?” “Books that blow your mind in [250] pages deserve special praise.”

    I think this should be part of the “Common Core” of any Innovation-focused organization. It is an extremely sharp distillation of the accumulated academic and business wisdom about Innovation. And it is just completely took me to school on how to write an effective, engaging business book.

    I’m recommending it to everyone I know.


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