Myths of Innovation: #4 on Amazon’s best of 2007 just posted their best 100 books of 2007. In the Business narrative category, Myths of Innovation shows up at #4.

On the full top 100, Myths slides in there at #99.

They don’t explain exactly how they chose their books, which editors were involved, or how they voted, but I’m not complaining. There is a separate list of 100 customer favorites for 2007 that I assume is purely based on sales.

Thanks to all you blog readers for your support – this kind of stuff doesn’t happen for me without your help spreading the word. Cheers.

5 Responses to “Myths of Innovation: #4 on Amazon’s best of 2007”

  1. necrodome

    also, the art of project management is #4 on Business category. I guess 4 is your number.

  2. Gatewaysysop

    Nice job Scott, congrats on making the list, in what appears to be multiple places! You’re an inspiration to myself and several colleagues in the dredges of cube life and your books are both excellent. Please keep up the good work and thank you for all your efforts!

  3. Scott

    Hi necrodome: Who knew I had a lucky number. What’s odd is that artofpm came out in 2005. Not sure how it ended up on a best of 2007 list, but again, I leave that for the folks to explain :)

  4. Scott

    Gatewaysysop – thanks man. I’ll do my best to keep it up!

  5. J Doss

    Congratulations, well deserved.

    any plans for an audiobook?


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