The future of the laptop: designed by kids

Amy Tieneman at CNET wrote about a school project, where kids design, and play with, their own paper based laptops. Some of their UI designs are hilarious, if not fascinating. One of my favorites has separate buttons for weird games and really weird games.

Laptop design by kid

Here’s an interview with Amy, the kids, and a slideshow of various kid’s designs.

(via metafilter)

2 Responses to “The future of the laptop: designed by kids”

  1. KaylaMag

    I like the ones with their friends’ names listed on them. Now that’s loyality… putting your friend’s own button on your laptop! In 7 or so years when that bitch steals your boyfriend, are you willing to fork over a few hundred to have that button changed?

  2. Laptop Teacher

    What a great idea to just let the kids decide on what they want from their laptop. Someone should pass these onto HP or Dell.


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