Big news: on CNBC next Monday (updated)

Last year CNBC put together a 5 hour series on the business of innovation. They’re doing it again this year and I’ll be one of the expert panelists on the show.

The website for this year’s series is up, and the first episode airs Monday June 2nd, 9pm. Each new episode will air every following Monday night. Plus there’s an online forum for people to discuss the show.

The show will be on in the US, Europe and Asia, and the full show schedule is posted here.

Hope you’ll tune in and check it out.

4 Responses to “Big news: on CNBC next Monday (updated)”

  1. Vern Burkhardt

    Congratulations, Scott. The Myths of Innovation was an excellent book, and you are being recognized internationally for your depth of understanding of creativity and innovation.

    It was an honor to be able to interview you for our feature article in IdeaConnection’s newletter on February 25th. The article is on IdeaConnection’s website under Articles and Interviews, at

    Your blog readers may wish to take a look at this article in preparation for seeing you as a television star.

    We will be tuned in to CNBC on Monday at 9 pm.

    Vern Burkhardt
    Author for IdeaConnection

  2. Michael Grossman

    This was a really interesting series last year on CNBC. I was really excited to see that you were on the panel this year. Your course at UI12 last year was outstanding as well as your book on Innovation. It’s great to see people appreciating the insight you bring to the difficult-to-define topic of innovation. Congratulations!

  3. Paul Williams


    Congrats…Looking good on the “Business of Innovation” program!!!

    It was difficult to watch Mel Kamarzin last night dance around the “I don’t tolerate failure” vs. “We don’t punish people who try something new and fail”.

    Those of us intimately involved in making innovation actually happen appreciate your “in the weeds” examples and thought leadership on the program.


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