Comment lottery winners are…

A few weeks ago I posted about a comment lottery, an experiment in rewarding participation on the site – here are the randomly chosen winners:

Steve Myers
Kristi P
Elaine Nelson
James Shrenk
Keith Instone
Rob Grady

If you won, you should have an e-mail in your inbox asking for your address :)

4 Responses to “Comment lottery winners are…”

  1. Keith Instone

    Wow, I won – I did not even know I had entered. I already have a copy of the book. I will take another and give it away myself, but I’d rather have lunch with you the next time we are at the same conference.

  2. Scott

    Keith: hey, what could be better than winning something without even having to enter? :)

    Lunch – sure thing. Haven’t been at many UI conferences recently, but when our paths cross again, lunch will happen!

  3. Steve Myers


    Thanks again! This is even comes after just finishing your work ‘Myth of Innovation’.

    The overwhelming thought I had while reading your observations was that you had tapped into the core mind of the creative community and put all of our dreams, fears, and psychoses into written form. I experienced all 3 brain responses, cortex/limbic/ and especially reptilian (bosses…. rejection…basic creative/artistic insecurities). All of this hard work has provided us insights and keys to working/living this weird art/science/theology we practice daily to promote great design, nurturing environments, and honest communications; with not only customer but our own CEO’s/ management, to promote true solutions through innovation and creativity. Good stuff…keep it up!

    Remember; no matter how many dead horses you hitch to the wagon, or how long you can beat or shout at that dead horse you still don’t get there in the end! The idea needs to be alive! That’s our job!

    I’ll go back now to my world and take with me additional keys to use.



  4. John

    A great idea! A comment Lottery! I will try that on my blog to help get some comments in. Thanks for sharing the idea :) John, elottery syndicate, UK.


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