Report from Webstock & New Zealand

I’m writing this from within my rented campervan, on the west coast of New Zealand. It’s a popular summer thing here and after 4 days we’re finally getting the hang of it. But 1000 kilometers back in Wellington, I spoke at Webstock, a most excellent little conference here in NZ.

Natasha Hall, Mike Brown, and the other organizers did a kick-ass job, lining up some great talent (Damian Conway was a highlight for me), a sweet venue, and a stellar job with the conference badges, materials and a gorgeous canvas bag (As Kathy Sierra said, ‘stroke the bag’). If you get a chance to speak or attend next year, don’t miss it. They’ll treat you so well you won’t want to leave.

The photo is from Moeraki beach, and the famous, mysterious boulders. We head out to the glaciers via helicopter in a few hours, and hopefully we’ll see more cool stuff to write about.


6 Responses to “Report from Webstock & New Zealand”

  1. Mike


    Was wonderful to have you here! Enjoy your holiday :)

  2. Steve West

    Please eat some fish and chips for me! I live in Dallas and haven’t been home to NZ in four years. If I could Fedex fish and chips I would, but instead I have to live vicariously. If you do, don’t forget the photos!

  3. Greg

    Glad you’re enjoying my native land, Scott. Looking out my office window at a wintery Dutch day, it sure makes me miss it!

  4. JohnB

    I was in NZ about 10 years ago. Dumbest thing I ever did: getting on the plane that was leaving NZ.

    Here’s a quick list of things to do:

    1. Visit all of the north island — don’t forget Napier.

    2. Visit all of the south island — don’t forget Christchurch.

  5. Mike Martindale

    Hi Scott,

    I had to write and let you know how I got to read your blog from New Zealand.
    I am off to London tomorrow to meet my new boss so slapped a search into Google to find out what the current new boss wants to hear! I am moving from being avery good IT Solution Architect in a large Corporate to Managing a team of, I am sure, very good IT Solution Architects.

    To get back on track I got a link to your blog and read with great interest your entry about looking before you leap, particularly when in the Alps. I will certainly find your outline plan for assessing the current mood of the team very helpful.
    I was amazed to read that you have hired a camper van and are on the west coast of the South Island in NZ. Reason being my eldest son Matt has just left Christchurch and is heading for Dunedin in a hired camper with his mate Dan. They are both on a gap year and boy I wish I had taken one, they really are living.
    Matt was interested in what my new role entailed, but he really has always been interested ever since he was a kid. He is set to study Law at Nottingham on his return to UK and with a fair wind he plans to do his final year at Auckland University.

    Hope your camper trip works out fine and if you see one of those Escape Campers with the dodgy paint work and two Brits from Sussex in it, give Matt and Dan my regards.





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