Failure: the secret to success (Honda & race cars)

Nice little video on failure and its role in success. It’s vaguely an advertisement for Honda, but its very low key, and mostly interviews with engineers, product planners, and drivers about their stories of failure. It’s well produced, and definitely worth the 8 minutes.

Failure: The secret to success (YouTube)

(Thx to Livia for the link)

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4 Responses to “Failure: the secret to success (Honda & race cars)”

  1. Alexandre de Oliveira

    Nice video.

    Capablanca, a 1920’s chessmaster, once said, “one can profit more from a single loss than a hundred wins”.

    That’s how we should learn from our failures. A single loss may be the lesson to succed in that one game you wouldn’t normally.

  2. Mike

    perhaps failure itself isn’t that glorious – it’s the fruitful process of improving and learning – if the final result isn’t satisfactory then failure is just a failure – when something good happens at last… then movies like this one are made – but I agree that one can learn a lot from other people mistakes – it’s hard to get them to talk about it in detail



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