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My favorite books on start-ups and entrepreneurship is Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston. It’s simply a collection of good interviews with the right people asking the right questions. No phony big theories. No made-up jargony words in the title. Just good conversations with people who have experience I want to learn from. Love it.

In that vein, I’m happy to recommend Blog Blazzers: 40 top bloggers share their secrets. Stephane Grenier, the author sent me the book a few weeks ago and I read through it in a few hours. Seth Godin, Jeff Atwood, Eric Sink, Dan Lyons (Diary of Steve Jobs), and 35 other successful bloggers explain how they do what they do, what they’ve learned, and how they make money or get other rewards from their work.

For $16 and a couple of hours (books of interviews are fast reads) I learned some new tricks, had more confidence in the old ones, and definitely got my money and times worth. At first I was annoyed by some repetitive questions – but in some ways it was interesting to see how different bloggers answers compared with each other. I read a lot of blogs, including some blogs on blogging (but gratefully no blogs on blogs on blogs) but there’s still nothing as good as sitting down with a book.

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  1. Cassle

    Agreed! There’s nothing better than sit down with a great book. The question is: how do you get that whole time of reading books, writing books, essays, and giving all those speaks together with one life? (Including all those time you spent with your readers here?) If you have the secret recipe for this, please let me know. I need it.



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