Lose your job? Get a free book

Been thinking much about what I can do in the face of all that’s going on in the economy (130,000 layoffs so far this month). Losing a job sucks and often triggers collateral suckage. I’m just a writer so I can’t do much in a practical way, but I can give out free copies of books.

The first 20 people who lost their jobs (scouts honor) who leave a comment or send in an email will get a signed copy of the bestseller Making Things Happen. Might help with planning whatever thing you decide to do next. Or make for excellent kindling, depending on much savings you had. It also has pretty pictures, which you can pretend is a very slow television show.

Sorry, but this is U.S. only. Think global act local and all that.

It’s not much, but until I find a better idea, I’m sharing what I have.

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  1. Sam Gentile

    I guess I am the first. I sent an email with my postal address. Thanks!

  2. Chad

    That’s a great offer and I’d love to read your book. I’ve been out of work for a while now and with the economy in Michigan even worse than the rest of the nation, I don’t have much optimism for landing anything soon.

  3. Jackie

    I was laid off last February. Have been doing contract work since then — last project ended in November. Looking for my next opportunity and would love to have a copy of your book.

  4. Petunia Alves

    As a Computer Science PhD student finishing my course, I do appreciate the help!

  5. Petunia Alves

    Forgot to say – I had a job offer rescinded after a successful internship due to recent cuts in the company, so hopefully I qualify…

  6. Xanthe Horste

    I just read your interview with Henning Fisch from Adaptive Path. I love this quote:
    “On a super important, mission critical, recession era project, where the margins for error are tighter than ever, it means more iteration (again, a kind of deliberate failure) is even more important to ensure the final designs are high quality.”
    I was so intrigued by your insight on FAILURE as a teacher that I snuck a peak at your blog to see what other pearls of wisdom I could steal…I mean appropriate ;)
    To my wonderful surprise I saw your post Lose your job? Get a free book; hence I sent you an e-mail.
    I would very much appreciate a copy of your book. I have been out-of-work for going on seven months and know I can benefit from Making Things Happen! Thank you for the offer.

  7. Jonathan Kupferman

    (un)fortunately for me, I have not lost my job recently, but that is because I am a graduate student and not out in the work force yet.

    Even still, I think this is a very nice gesture that you are making. Having read your book before (through a work library) I can say that job or no job, it helped me accomplish things much more efficiently than before. With other books I found that the ideas presented were often too high-level and unpractical in many cases. With this one while there are high level ideas (e.g. Be Relentless) which are then expounded on to give you a better idea for what that means and how to apply it. The book also does a good job of covering different perspectives (e.g. business, technical) people have, and how to deal with the inevitable conflicts, which I found very useful.

    Hope you folks enjoy the book and find it useful in getting a new job. Make sure to thank the author when you do :)

  8. Brett

    I was laid off at the beginning of December 2008. Still looking, but also enjoying feeling free. Not sure what to pounce on next! Still offering that book? I’d be interested to read it!

  9. Nathan

    After finishing college, two of my friends and I founded a venture to create a new model for an art space and music venue in NC. Sadly we were forced out of our lease in Aug. and lost seed funding. Limping along for a few months the venture collapsed in the last month. I did learn a great deal from the experience and do not begrudge it’s outcome. I’d love a copy of your book, I’ve got more time on my hands than books in my bookshelves. I just got turned onto your blog from the write up on http://www.designers-who-blog.com

  10. Jobseeker

    Thank you for your sharing, i looking forward to hiring new job.

    This article is helpful for me

  11. Rick Ratayczak

    I lost my developer position last week. It’s kinda liberating not having to get up an work 8-5 anymore, and it’s also nice to code in your pajamas… On the other hand, gotta look out for where you’re next month’s rent is coming from.

  12. Megan

    Lost my job two weeks ago. Trying to find a new one.

  13. Sarat

    It’s really nice scott.. I’ve no hope to get one as I’m a foreigner. (Still I’ve a job… I wonder).

  14. Bruce

    OK. So I’m ten months late in responding to your offer to send a copy of “Making Things Happen.” But I only just learned of your blog from a CNN story about Matt Mullenweg’s favorite blogs and, heck, I like to play the odds that perhaps your generous offer’s quota of the first 20 respondents has not yet been met, given the 14 responses I see (and unknown number of email you received). Since being laid off last September, life has been a series of making things happen (my approach is to try virtually everything that has the least bit of interest to me to see what sticks) but with mixed results. I’ve been an executive producer for a film just shown last month on HBO, a blogger with the sole focus of following a year-long BBC story involving shipping containers, receiving a provisional patent for a method applicable to accelerometers, just starting another very niche blog and, of course, endless job applications) but still nothing seems to stick or, perhaps more importantly, be sustainably profitable outside of the experience I’m gaining. The current climate is not kind to a program manager generalist (you write eloquently about such roles elsewhere on your blog) but perhaps your book might give me some new ideas and I’m all for that. In any event, I expect this request will be a win-win. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll buy your book in any case since I like what you have to say on your blog.

  15. Yvonne G.

    Thank you for what you are doing. I love what you have to say and how you say it. If only more people could grasp what you say in your books we would be a better nation! I am trying to deal with these times and I would love one of your books to help me get some wind back under my wings. I have had to be strong for a long time and I am starting to get really tired. I need a new outlook, a new avenue to look at/for. Thank you again for all you have provided through your books. Keep up the great work!

  16. wfojas

    Read your kind offer, and came upon your website when reviewing PM literature. I’ve been out of work going on eight months now, and was surprised to see that only sixteen comments were posted, and fourteen or so people requested for a copy. I needed to brush up on PM methodology, as I’ve never been laid off (going on 23 years) till now, and was surprised at how formal and picky people are these days. Love your website, and would like to avail of your offer, if it still stands.

  17. Preston Robert

    No kidding? Is this offer still possible? Great if it is. I’m an anomaly of unemployed underemployed. Technically unemployed for almost 2 years, though teaching at a university part time, (still have to go out and get a job job to feed my addiction to paying the mortgage etc)…. Barely center age age with about 20 years experience in R&D and too much too little. Philosophically though, I’m aware this is opportunity clubbing me over the head. Still sorting this out like a reverse of roles. When I rifled through college to career (more fun than career) many friends were in a haze deciding what to do until they were almost 30…. Now they’re resolved and focused like frickin laser beams on their goals and desires, while I gingerly dance on my shrinking patch of ice contemplating what I want to be next… Grounded in space I am? Am I. Anyhow, I like the manner of speak I just discovered here as well as your guts to do. If I’m good for a book, I sense it will be well enjoyed reading leading to some doing, errr Making Things Happen. Man too much writing,… well I’ll let it stand.

  18. stacei

    I think it’s wonderful that you are trying to do something!! Most people don’t. I am on unemployment in California, very discouraged and yet, you have given me hope somehow. Thank You for that. If you need my mail address its Stacei Phillips
    1005 Western Ave. Vallejo, CA 94591
    And, in case nobody else has said this, keep up the great work! I sure hope that your book gets here before the fore-
    closure notices do. (as they seem to “Make things happen” also)


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