Coming soon: Myths paperback edition!

The original edition was published in 2007. It was a charming little book, that disarmingly changed how people thought about ideas, so they could be more successful working with ideas on their own, at work or in life.

The original was a popular book. It was a bestseller for O’Reilly Media, and got praise from all kinds of places, like lifehacker, slashdot, MSNBC, the NY Times, and even got me on as a co-host of The Business of Innovation series on CNBC. It was an amazon best book of 2007, and a finalist for the 2007 Jolt awards. And most important of all, it’s actually fun to read.

This new edition gave me a chance to make the book even better.

  • More Useful: Four new chapters. One major chapter called “Beyond Hype”, focuses on putting the lessons from the book to work in your life, and three heavily revised essays on creativity, pitching ideas and staying motivated.
  • Tighter: We fixed typos, broken references, and errata.
  • Prettier: Shiny, dramatic cover (we lost the rotary phone, but C’est la vie).
  • Handier: travel-friendly size, w/ clever flap-o-matic design (keeps your place)
  • Better: Every chapter was cleaned, washed, and buffed, with improved references, and some additional stories.

If you’ve never read it before, now is the time. It’s the best edition ever made (ok – there are only two editions, but still).

The book hits stores early September, but is available for pre-order now.

9 Responses to “Coming soon: Myths paperback edition!”

  1. David O'Regan

    Where is the Kindle Edition?

    1. Scott Berkun

      David: Well since the book isn’t out yet, the kindle edition is anywhere :)

      Amazon always lists the kindle and other editions on the same page, so when it’s live it will be listed, and I’ll be sure to post about it as well.

  2. Kevin Morrill

    Congrats Scott! Pretty soon your bookshelf at home is going to be all filled up :)

  3. Nathan Bashaw

    Looking forward to reading the new chapters! Thanks so much for including us in the editing process. It was a lot of fun, and I hope we were helpful.

  4. Branimir ?orluka

    Congratulations :-)

  5. Geoff

    Got to love my timing here! I just ordered and recieved the hard bound book from Amazon! So here’s my question: Are the additional chapters worth going through returning and reordering it?

  6. John Mark


    How about an audio version (of this and your other books) for those u reading challaged folks and multitaking (hard to read while I drive? When I read my brain has to focus so much on the reading part I totally miss the content. Listening works perfectly for me. I have had to read the Confession of a Public Speaker over and over…not the most efficient use of time.




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