Have an Innovation question? I will answer!

For tommorow’s webcast I’m promising to answer any questions on innovation, creativity or creative work you ask.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, or over here – TODAY. The webcast is 10am PST tomorrow, and the longer you wait, the less chance I’ll be able to work it in.

Have an issue you’re struggling with? Advice for a situation? Something your organization struggles with? A method or story you want an expert’s opinion on? Now is your chance.

7 Responses to “Have an Innovation question? I will answer!”

  1. Tess

    When I think of times when I was most creative, they were in situations where I was free to “play” with ideas & collaborate with others. Either it was doing an activity I loved (so I got pleasure from just doing it) or it was one that was not stressful (like organizing an afterwork event or a hobby).

    Now, I’m in a situation of constantly looking for work and even though I’m not working insane 8 am-8 pm hours as with previous jobs, it’s even higher pressure because of economic constraints on me and uncertainty of future income.

    Yet, I feel to be competitive these days, you can’t stay in an old, comfortable rut but you have to constantly be trying new things, learning new skills, taking advantage of change. But how can you psychologically embrace risk-taking when you’re living in a month-to-month world? I feel like I’m just hanging on at times.

  2. Samson Ondiek

    First off Scott thoroughly enjoyed ‘Myths of Innovation’ definitely got my creative and entrepreneurial juices flowing. Been using the puzzle analogy to explain to my friends all pieces that usually fall in place before the ‘eureka’ moment.

    My questions:
    If you have a great idea but are relatively unknown which do you market first yourself or the idea?
    Are people likely to disregard a great idea if the author isn’t well known?
    What things can you do to market a great idea if your not well known?

  3. Livia Labate

    Question: Mid-career crisis; when you realize that you do what you are good at and not what you love, how do you go about figuring out what you want? It’s not simple when you are younger and anything is possible, but how about when you are not young and you have comfortably established yourself in a career and profession?

  4. Ben Tremblay

    “Have an Innovation question? I will answer!” | “Leave a Comment / What do you think?”

    Mmmmmm … okay, lemme segue off that. *ponders*
    I spent today reviewing my notes on Habermas and discourse.
    But here / now what comes to mind is dead metaphors.

    I haven’t met a responsive mind recently.
    And “vending machine consciousness” I came up with *ponders* 6 or 7 years ago.

    If an ISV came up with an innovation, would it make a sound? (Cue to yuppies’ kidz: that’s an allusion to a koan. Koan. *sigh* Find a dictionary. Oh-wooops sorry not actually I didn’t meant to write google. I wrote “dictionary” and I mean “dictionary”. I meant what I wrote and wrote what I meant. And that’s a play off “Alice in Wonderland” Oh gawd where was I … oh yes, “vending machine consciousness”. *sigh*)

    I would guess that responding to “dominant paradigm” without having any existential sense of what it’s about is a positive virtue these days.
    The thugs are drug dealers and the politicians are thugs. And we have TeaBaggers stating the alternative.

    * http://www.meta-activism.org/2010/09/the-ethics-of-american-money-in-digital-activism/
    * http://info.bahai.org/article-1-9-1-6.html
    * http://www.theatlantic.com/ideastour/archive/kaplan.html

    I’ve been producing web pages for years. I’m tired. Click if you care. *shrug*


  5. Pankaj

    This is not a question per se but I would like to help myself and others who think its too risky to listen to yourself.
    For last two years I have been working with software companies it was not like I was doing it forcefully ..but recently felt like exploring more and break out of monotonic work.
    It was a hard decision and there were rounds of depression like situations…but got to know its easy to fool your mind…..I talked to my family and friends…..realised its just a resistance of change…
    I have left my job to pursue further studies in design and creativity…I hope i am awakened and encourage everyone.



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