London: meetup for a pint this week?

I’m in town (London) all this week for @media – but would be up for some beers either Wednesday or Saturday night. If you’re a local, leave a comment or drop me a line. Love to chat and swap stories.

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  1. Richard Marr

    I’m up for that. I’m sure my liver can recommend a venue if necessary.

  2. Jed Christiansen

    Saturday night in London should be fairly crazy… the US vs. England World Cup match is on at 7:30pm local-time. Would definitely recommend getting to a pub (pretty much any pub with a TV) to soak in the atmosphere!

  3. Paul Cooper

    Crap, I’m not in London Wednesday or Saturday. Almost certainly there on Thursday night if you’re bored. Just drop me a line.

  4. Scott Berkun

    Right now I can likely do Wed or Sat. Unsurprisingly as an American football doesn’t mean much to me :)

  5. Ben Stroud

    Hey Scott!

    Come down to Ministry of Sound where I work on Wednesday – I can show you what I get up to here in terms of Social Media (BS-free I promise), give you a tour of the place, and then have a drink.

    Sound good?

    Drop me a line on if you fancy it!

  6. Richard Tandoh

    Interested in either. Wednesday a little easier than Saturday … but the clock is ticking. Let me know.

    1. Scott Berkun

      Sorry guys – Looks like it’s not in the cards for tonight. I’ll email if I can make Saturday work, but I realize that’s tough for most of you.

  7. Eric

    Oh damn, I would’ve loved to have a pint or two with you, but i guess i’m to late now.


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