Mark the Date: Oct 13th Myths of Innovation day

The new edition of Myths is out, but I’ve been keeping quiet about it (shhhhhh).

Why? Plans are in the works.A small team and I are crafting some fun PR plans for the book in the month of October.

One big plan I can tell you about: Wed Oct 13th is Myths of Innovation day. The goal is to see how high we can get the amazon rank for the book to go. Interested in helping? Here’s what you can do.

  1. If you blog, plan to write a post about the book on Oct 13th
  2. Plan to post on facebook/twitter with a link to the book on Oct 13th (Facebook event here)
  3. Ask other bloggers/fb’ers you know to do the same
  4. Consider buying the book as a gift for a friend, on Oct 13th
  5. Sign up for the Free Webcast, 10 am PST

I’ll link back to all of #1 and #2 that I can – everyone wins!

Please mark your calendar! Over the next week I’ll be explain all the fun stuff we’re doing, including prizes, competitions, events and other fun, but wanted to announce the date. Hope you’ll help.

Leave a comment if you can do any of the above – then I can follow up with you if necessary. Cheers!

21 Responses to “Mark the Date: Oct 13th Myths of Innovation day”

  1. Martha Garvey

    I’m up for any and all of the above. I turned my project manager/PMP teaching husband onto your books and website…AND while I never attended Carnegie Mellon, I worked there for a year, and it changed my life.

  2. Pat Gannon

    I’m half-way through Myths of Innovation and loving it! I would be glad to post about it on 10/13.

  3. Nuno Morgadinho

    Hi Scott,

    Count me in for #1 and #2 and probably #4. Congrats on the new edition.


  4. Prakash

    What a coincidence? I purchased my copy from Amazon just couple of days ago. Will try to blog about it when I finish reading.

  5. Abhiram

    I am going to buy one on Oct 13th from amazon..count on me..It’s been long time i postponed this purchase..keep main inspiration to buy this book, after watching your presentation in google tech talks in youtube.

  6. T. Budiman

    An idea is a combination of other ideas.

  7. Mark Kenny


    Count me in for #1, #2, and I’ll try #3. I’ll try to have the book read by then to provide some relevant discussion.


  8. Carolyn

    Oh, but now I have decide whether to purchase the book now so I can blog about it, or whether to wait until Oct 13 to buy the book on Amazon.

    I’ll probably wait until the 13th. I have more school reading than I can handle, anyway.

    1. Scott Berkun

      Carolyn: I’d never be mad at anyone for spreading the word, even if not exactly when I wanted it :) So if you can’t resist, or think you’ll forget, please buy/post/dance whatever. Thanks.

  9. Christopher Dailey

    Thank you Scott your words have inspired me to learn how to feel in my mind what I think in my heart. I promise to wash my feet before I walk in your mind. I will buy your book and spread the word.

  10. Pablo Lopez

    Expect a blog entry about the book, which I read a few weeks ago. I was going to write it anyway, but this October 13th opportunity seems great!

  11. Mark Ramberg

    I was been wading through the muck and mire of books claiming to be the greatest and most insightful treatise on innovation when suddenly, when I had reached the tripping point of my BS tolerance, I discovered “Myths”. I’ve been participating in and managing innovation for over 25 years and no one has ever come closer to putting the real dynamics of the creative process on paper than Mr. Berkun.

  12. Terry

    Scott…Myths of Innovation Day has already started Down Under!!!

    I met you earlier this year in Melbourne, and we had a brief chat about the challenges and tensions of innovating in a business world which seeks consistency and predictability; you may recall.

    Anyhow, congratualtions on the new edition. I devoured the original one, which I really enjoyed. I posted my thoughts on LinkedIn (we’re connected so you can see if you wish) including what might be good to see in a future edition – I look forward to seeing if some of these ended up in the latest version – if not, maybe in the next one!!

    Whislt the publisher classified the original text under “Technology / Business”, I do think its strenght is that it engages use at a deeper, philosophical level: I don;t normally buy ‘updates’ but I do think I will make an exception in this case.

    Again, congratulations and all the best with this endeavour. Hope to see you in Australia again soon.

  13. alastair simpson

    Done 2 and 4, albeit a little late as am overseas with limited net access! Great book, great read. Hope the day was a success!



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