Myths Trivia Contest: Win signed copy + prizes

As part of the countdown to Myths of Innovation day (Oct 13th – sign-up here), we’re running trivia and other contests, with some fun and unusual prizes.  Some questions require looking at the free sample chapters found here (PDF).

The Prize:  A signed copy of the new paperback edition of Myths of Innovation.

Rules: anyone can enter by leaving a comment – one winner will be chosen at random from correct entries.  I am the final arbiter of all rules, including rulings about rules or rule like sub-rules, laws, by-laws, in-laws, laws about common law rules regarding the application of contest laws and sub-law rulings.

Ready? Here we go:

Question: What is the definition of an idea offered in Chapter 12 (see chp 12 in the free sample)?

Winners announced here.

Myths of Innovation Trivia: Get it right, win a signed copy, plus a $25 gift certificate.

25 Responses to “Myths Trivia Contest: Win signed copy + prizes”

  1. Eric

    An idea is a combination of other ideas.

  2. Jeffrey Gawel

    An idea is a combination of other ideas!

  3. T. Budiman

    An idea is a combination of other ideas.

  4. Rob Kurz

    An idea is a combination of other ideas.

  5. Piet van Oostrum

    It would be so easy to repeat the obvious (italicized) phrase from the book `An idea is a combination of other ideas’, so I’ll add another one from the book: `ideas are lazy’. Of course this is not a definition, but the other definition also has its problems: it is recursive. And we need something to stop the recursion, so there must also be some ideas that were not a combination of other ideas. Probably most of them occurred somewhere deep in prehistoric times so they have been lost by now (or better: incorporated as a kind of primordial genes in our pool of ideas). So far my idea about ideas, which is just a combination of your ideas.

    1. Scott Berkun

      Piet: Very honorable of you to not just copy. I’ll count your most interesting entry as two entries, so your odds of winning the book just doubled :)

      (Same rule will applies to future entrants)

  6. Trip Hunter

    Hi Scott,
    Very interesting sample-answer while I am thinking about to your question is a combination of other ideas. I was surprised to hear your answer because as the marketing director for a tech company I tell this to anyone I invite into a brainstorming meeting-Everyone who attends has to have one or two thought starters or ideas related to the topic at hand. I always tell new attendees that it is not about inventing the wheel so much as it is about drawing new connections between ideas that other people haven’t drawn before.

    I would love to speak with you about a possible opportunity to promote your new book-Our company, Fusion io is a high tech company that has developed a very innovative product related to data storage-so innovative in fact the Steve Wozniak joined the company a year ago as our chief scientist. Our tagline is “powering innovation” (similar to thousand of other companies at the moment). I am working on a number of initiatives to make this ownable, and valuable to our customers, and thought that maybe there was an opportunity to partner with you to provide value to our prospects/customers (who consider themselves innovators) and value to you in the form of access and distribution.
    If any of this sounds interesting, I would love to discuss further. We are launching in London at a trade show on the 20th of October. Building something around that might be perfect timing.
    If not, then at least good luck on the launch of your new book!
    All the best,
    Trip Hunter

  7. Susann Løstegård

    Hi Mr. Berkun,

    “An idea is a combination of other ideas”.

    Just want to thank you for being an inspiration. I discovered your work when I studied Innovation & Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley and your work made me a better student. Keep up the good work and best of luck!

    Susann Løstegård,

  8. Wes Baker

    One of my many highlighted lines: “an idea is a combination of other ideas.”

  9. Steven Akiko

    Hi Scott,

    I would say your “Myths Trivia Contest” idea is an interesting combination of two ideas: promoting your book and get users to read your book (at least part of it), though I would have chosen a more challenging question.

    I hate repetition and I love challenges;-)

    1. Scott Berkun

      Hi Steven:

      Figured an easy one was a good move for the first day – they will get harder, and likely the prizes will get better :)

  10. Emma

    “An idea is the combination of other ideas.”
    FTW! I hope…

  11. Luciana Cancado

    Hi Scott,

    so my answer wasn’t very creative… but one could argue that people with non-innovative answers are the ones who really need to read your book ;)

    Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas!

  12. Arsene Hodali

    “An idea is a combination of other ideas.”

    All this leading to the question on everyone’s mind, “What was the first idea?”

    Who had the first idea?
    What’s the core (atom) of an idea? The center; the place where you can’t strip it down anymore… Very similar to the, “Every cause is an effect. So what’s the first cause?” question.

    … This all inevitably leads you to ask yourself the biggest question of all don’t you think? You know, the ‘God’ one (scary right).

  13. Vivek Gupta

    “…An idea is a combination of other ideas.”

  14. Pablo Lopez

    Yes, an idea is a combination of other ideas

    I read the book a few weeks ago and yesterday, this very definition came to my mind when I discovered the “Liquid Galaxy” project from Google.

    None of the elements are new: LCD monitors, satellite photographs, cartography, the Internet, etc…

    But man, it’s an awesome experience: with a combination of previous ideas, you can become superman and fly above Earth!

  15. Noah

    An idea is a combination of other ideas.

    I’m really looking forward to reading this.

  16. Jim Johnson

    An Idea is a combination of other ideas.

  17. Trish

    “An idea is a combination of other ideas”