Rules to live by

Buster Benson, the super creative guy who made 750words (helps you write), Locavore (helps you eat), 8:36pm project (helps you remember), co-founded the arts collective McLeod Residence, and blogs here gave me this morning’s inspiration.

From his site I found these great rules to live by:

  1. You must not dilly-dally.
  2. You must be your word.
  3. You must have good intentions.
  4. You must admit to being the maker of meaning.
  5. You must not feel sorry for yourself.
  6. You must have a vision that you are striving for.
  7. You must tie creativity and experimentation with survival.
  8. You must be the change you want to see.
  9. You must rally others with your vision.
  10. You must stake your reputation on your better self.
  11. You must be comfortable with the consequences of being who you are.
  12. You must share.
  13. You must make your own advice and take it.
  14. You must manage your stress, health, and clarity.
  15. You must study your mistakes.
  16. You must retry things you don’t like every once in a while.
  17. You must make time to enjoy things.

You should follow him and his work on his blog – inspiring.

13 Responses to “Rules to live by”

  1. Kirstine Vergara

    Great rules. Some of these were taught by my mom when I was little, while the others I’ve learned for myself. I find these rules inspiring and of course, timely as I am thinking of making a career change. :) Let me share with you an interesting article on Successful Career Change Tips. These rules is helping me make a more sound decision.

  2. Martin

    I like these 8 from Danish philosopher Morten Albek:

    Assume that you are imperfect – and that you will remain so.

    Assume that you are of average intelligence – and that diligence and hard work will pay off irrespectively.

    Assume that you are expandable and replaceable – and that in all aspects of life.

    Assume that you have few if any extraordinary talents – and that being devoted to something and being good at it are different things.

    Assume that you are not a renaissance man – and that your knowledge within most fields is mediocre or outright hopeless.

    Assume that you depend upon other people loving you – and that your hysterical self image does make that easier.

    Assume that your nature is that of the camp follower – and that means a daily struggle to be honest and not misguidedly considerate.

    Assume that you, by making these assumptions on a daily basis will become a more listening, grateful, diligent, loved, wise, responsible and productive human being than you would otherwise have been.

    Translation from Danish is mine. Source is:

  3. Stefan

    Only one (or two ;-) sentence missing:
    You can do what you want. The second one could be: Yes, you can.
    thx for the nice list.

  4. Daily Success Place

    I really like these rules. So good.

    All of these rules are similar to the rules I try to live by myself and write about on my website.

    Keep the good stuff coming!

  5. Neil Ward

    Excellent rules/(Guidelines) to live by!

    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading them. I will have to add the rules that I live by to my website too.

    The London Dating Coach

  6. Sian Roberts

    Life’s too short not to live it to the full, and unfortunately most people don’t seem to realise this! Love the tips, would you mind if I linked to them from our website (all about life insurance, so quite suitable!)

    Sian x

  7. Arnab Sinha

    These rules are great and most of them we have all at once..but from various sources..this is a good consolidation..

    If you want to follow, you have to chance..and change happens when you have access to your consciousness…but we all are so much in our minds..that will resist any change..and this is a big list.

    Once should first learn to expand their consciousness…create space for change to happen..once space is created, we can follow almost anything…because we will start to believe….


    1. Arnab Sinha

      Please read “Chance” in the first line second paragraph as “Change” is a typo error



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