Things to do/eat in Detroit?

I’ll be speaking at the Lorenzo cultural center this Wednesday as part of their new exhibit on the history of invention.

It’s my first time to Detroit – it’s one of the biggest cities in the U.S. I’ve never been to.

Any recommendations for things to see or food to eat?  All I have on my list so far is The Henry Ford Museum.

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  1. Steven Levy

    Do see the Ford museum, which will take a bunch of hours to go through properly.

  2. Steve Kaiser

    There’s a restaurant at the top of the Renaissance Center (the name seems so ironic now) called Coach Insignia. Awesome food. Go during happy hour and try the lobster corn dogs.

  3. thefriendraiser

    eat at a local Coney Island
    visit the waterfront in Downtown Detroit
    stop by the Motown Museum & DIA

  4. keith instone

    +1 for Henry Ford museum. We have family membership.

    We also drive up from Toledo for Greek town and sporting events, like the Red wings.

    There is a lot more but that is all we do usually. Looking forward to what suggestions you get so I can try them too.

  5. Ron from Detroit


    If you are looking for a nice bar/grille, check out Sweetwater Tavern, located downtown. It’s the closest thing to Cheers you’ll find. The crowd varies, from a middle-age suburbanite crowd on Sundays for football games, to a younger urban crowd on Friday and Saturday evenings. Tell them I sent you for special attention, and make sure to get the famous Sweetwater wings.

    Make sure to check out the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), it is world famous and well worth the time. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) is also well worth it, but they are currently going through some labor negotiations and may not have any appearances scheduled. As thefriendraiser mentioned, check out Lafayette Coney Island (also downtown) for the best coney dog ever. Ask around for the latest film shoot; you may be able to run into some Hollywood folks while there (thanks to the best-in-the-nation film credits). If you like Casinos, we have three wonderful ones located in the immediate vicinity of downtown (including what is usually MGM’s most profitable casino per square foot). The Detroit Tigers and Lions games are always great fun. If you like BBQ and a great atmosphere, check out Slows BBQ by the old Tiger Stadium on Michigan Ave. If you like great architecture, check out the Guardian Building, one of the most beautiful art-deco buildings in the country. For some of the most beautiful homes in the country, check out the mansions of Palmer Woods (including the largest home in the city), Boston-Edison, and Indian Village.

    Make sure to check out for all things Detroit. Don’t pay any attention to the naysayers on the site, or the naysayers nationally for that matter – Detroit is a wonderful place to live and visit, with some of the friendliest people in the world.


  6. Scott Priestley

    Gotta visit Greektown! I’m a big fan of New Parthenon there.
    Also recommend visiting Royal Oak, just a few miles North of Detroit up Woodward Ave.
    Killer bakery – Astoria – there in RO

    Find out what I’m doing with $10 to change lives in Raleigh, NC and the Central African Republic!

  7. Seán

    Hi Scott,

    Go to Greek Town and enjoy the fabulous restaurants and pastry shoppes. If you’re an art lover, check out the Detroit Institute of Arts which houses many surprises including a famed self-portrait by Van Gogh. The Red Wings are in pre-season too!

  8. Javier Artime

    Unfortunately I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard about the Motown Records Museum ( If you’re interested in pop music at all I think it may deserve a visit. Maybe ask some locals if it’s really worthwhile. Friends who’ve been there all recommend it to me, but they were all pop music enthusiasts.

  9. Ragnar Freyr

    I recommend the burgers and the calamari at the Red Coat tavern on Woodward. Slows BBQ is good as well. Also, Black Lotus mini brewery in Clawson. They have an amber beer called Red Tao that I would kill for right now.

  10. Matt Binkowski

    Hi Scott,

    If I was back in Michigan, here are a couple of ideas:

    1. Since the speaking event is in Clinton Township, you’re not far from a great cider mill (they just reopened) Yates Cider Mill: is great or, if you happen to venture to the west side of town, try the Franklin cider mill. SO GOOD!

    2. Check out the Detroit Institute of Arts in downtown Detroit. It is an amazing museum and their collection is world-class.

    4. Downtown Royal Oak is always fun to see because it’s lively and has some of the more quirky shops in the area.

    5. There are quite a few good restaurants there, but If you like sushi, go to Little Tree.

  11. Rob Zienert

    Definitely get into the DIA, it’s amazing. As for food, Greektown has some really good restaurants. I’m a personal fan of the coffee shops in downtown Royal Oak as well. If you prefer chains, definitely choose Caribou over Starbucks.

  12. Keith Instone

    Another reason to visit The Henry Ford is because they are also involved in promoting innovation. They “power”

    So after you see the Weinermobile (at the museum) and watch them blow glass (at Greenfiled Village), maybe you could meet with the folks at THF behind their OnInnovation program.

  13. Wendy Metros

    Thank you for thinking of The Henry Ford as a potential stop on your “Detroit” tour. I would love to meet you and schedule a tour for you. Please email me at your earliest convenience.



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