Today is Myths of Innovation day! help wanted

If you have been waiting to buy 6,434 copies of the myths of innovation for your entire company, or have a coupon for a hour of advertising on all major networks burning a hole in your pocket, now is the best time ever in history to pull the trigger.

There are people who like my work, some who hate it, but most of the world has no idea who I am. PR helps reach that last group, and you know more people I don’t know than I do.

Today, if you can post on your blog, post to facebook or twitter, or buy the book today, it will help me and my future work more than you know.

Here’s a good example of an easy blog post you can do in 30 seconds. Make sure to include an image of the cover, and link it to amazon.

If you’re on twitter, here’s a sample you can use.

The goal: We’re trying to see how high we can get the amazon rank to go. It started at 12,000. Can we break 5,000? The higher the ranking, the more exposure the book gets across all of

I’ll be posting cool stuff all day, with some more prizes, so stay tuned.

Free webcast begins at 10am PST / 1pm EST.

Thanks! I’ll be watching. Appreciate the help more than you know.

9 Responses to “Today is Myths of Innovation day! help wanted”

  1. Jason Shaf

    Who do you follow on Twitter? and what do your Tweets consist of?


  2. Fabien Benetou

    Thanks for the talk, was very interesting, hope to see the answers to the remaining questions soon.



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