Feedback without frustration (video)

Last month I spoke at Hive, an event for developers and designers hosted by AIGA and Microsoft here in Seattle.

It was an exceptionally well planned event. They did smart things like keeping talk length down to 20 minutes, having a social room with a live-simulcast, and mixing in ignite talks for a change of pace. They also sent all the speakers a dossier on the attendees, with demographics on their background we could use to aim our talks at. It makes my job as a speaker so much easier when the organizers are committed to making the event a great experience.

Hive is releasing all the talks for free on youtube, which is why I’m posting. I spoke for 20 minutes about design critiques and how to give and receive feedback, which you can watch below:

The talk is loosely based on three posts (and inspired a chapter in the Dance of the Possible):


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  1. Craig Hadden - Remote Possibilities

    Thanks Scott – some great tips in that clip, and as you said, the 20-minute format works really well. So I’ve shared it with my instructional design teammates in the US and UK. (I’m in Sydney.)

    On the subject of photos for use in your decks (like the dinner shot), not sure whether you’re a PowerPoint user, but if so you can download thousands of very usable photos for free from Office Online. (I’ve got 2500 photos that way in the last couple of years, and its See Similar feature is really handy. See for details.)

  2. Kristen DiFate

    How to Give and Receive Criticism is required reading for my advertising design students. It sets the tone for the semester and creates a safe space for the students to learn how to express subjective feelings in an objective way. That paves the way for them to grow with each other, suggesting tangible solutions and opportunities for growth.



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