How Yoga destroys creativity: Niemann on working with ideas

Great little diagram from an excellent talk by Christoph Niemann. He’s showing an honest accounting of how his day as a designer/illustrator gets divided – note the time spent second guessing himself.

And this one about what creative work feels like:

The talk is very funny –  mostly because he makes great observations about creative work most people are afraid to talk about (including how Yoga will destroy your design career, at 9:30):

via 2011/04 Christoph Niemann on Vimeo.

7 Responses to “How Yoga destroys creativity: Niemann on working with ideas”

  1. Liza

    The audio is bad, I don’t think the mic is turned on at all. Would have loved to listen the whole session but it took more energy just deciphering what he was saying. Thanks for posting though.

      1. Stephen Lead

        nope, the audio quality is pretty lousy for me, too.

        It was quite surprising/disappointing to see the terrible quality of the recording, given the super-high-quality intro.

  2. Lil van den Heuvel

    Loved the video – forwarded it on to my son (the musician) as I know he will appreciate the bit on “talent” especially. Thanks!

  3. Jean

    Dear Scott, love your post and content. Congrats.
    Just one question.. I’m wondering about the tools used to make these kind of handdrawing diagrams…
    Regards, J.



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