Mindfire day Dec 7th: can you help?

Behind the scenes I’ve been working hard to generate PR for Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds.  We’re up to nearly 25 amazon.com reviews (thanks!) and lifehacker posted an excerpt. But as a self-published book, I need all the support I can find.

The groundwork is set and I’ve done what I can on my own:  it’s time to ask for help.

On Wed Dec 7th, we’re going to see how high we can get the amazon.com ranking for the book to go.  We’ll aim at 12pm PST, but any time during the day helps.

Each sale on the day contributes to lowering the ranking.  Its been hovering around #13,000 for the last week. Can we break 8000? 2000? 1000?

If you have 60 seconds to help, here’s what you can do:

  1. Leave a comment saying “I’ll help – Go Mindfire!” or something similiarly silly. By leaving a comment I can follow up with you via email to help organize. It will be very simple, I promise.
  2. Mark your calendar for Wed Dec 7th.  And plan to tweet, facebook, blog, or dance suggestively in public (if that’s your thing) about the book. (Click here to add a reminder to your calendar (.ical)).
  3. Plan to buy the book as a holiday gift, or for your team, on Wed Dec 7th.

I’ll provide more details, including sample tweets, facebook and blog posts you can reuse if you like.

If you want to sample the goods before you’d help with something like this, your wish is my command: Preview of Mindfire (PDF).

Thanks for your help and support.  I hope you’ll leave a comment.

38 Responses to “Mindfire day Dec 7th: can you help?”

  1. VJ

    You can count on me Scott!

  2. Jack M

    Go Mindfire! Set the minds ablaze! (Hows that?)

    I’m on board.

  3. Maggie

    I just finished reading mindfire which downloading from a free version. This is a really great book.
    To support you, I will buy kindle edition on Dec. 7th.

  4. Christophe

    After reading the “How to Make a Difference” chapter and agreeing all heartily, the least I can do is to be counted in.

  5. Kyle Branche

    Will do on the 7th, by posting the book’s URL link on my Facebook page. I clicked on the Auto Remind but it told me to find a program on the web to open it, so I passed on that, and will simply keep your original email in my Inbox to remind myself.

    Which URL link would you like me to use?
    Amazon? Your Website? Other?

  6. Jim Harris

    I’ll be Gasoline, Sparks, Fire! (aka the Mindfire equivalent of Ready, Set, Go!) to help out on December 7 — most likely by dancing suggestively in private while tweeting in public :-)

  7. Ryan

    Read the preview, went and bought the book, heard about you from Gina Trapani on google plus.

  8. Joshua Davies

    I’ll help. Cheers!
    Danggit. Clicked on the wrong blog entry before. The perils of posting on the road.

  9. Kevin McKenzie

    I’ll help.

  10. Martin English

    Can’t promise I’ll buy the book at 7:00AM thursday (thats what 12PM PST is in my timezone), but I will buy it sometime between then and midday my time :)

    Note that I will be buying the Kindle version !!

  11. Micha?

    Hey, I want to help!

  12. Michael

    I’ll help – Go Mindfire!

  13. Bob Corlett

    Happy to help. I loved your last book. But asking me to wait 4 days to buy this one…we’ll that’s hard for someone used to hitting the kindle reader button and having books right away. (kidding, sort of)

  14. Mike

    Scott, please count me in!

  15. Laura

    Your book sounds interesting. It’s posted on WordPress.com today, that’s where I came from. Good luck with promoting it. Not so easy when you are doing it all yourself.

  16. cecil

    Count me in. what’s 9AM PST in European time – is that 5PM ?

    1. Scott Berkun

      Hi Cecil: Yes, that’d be 5pm. But any effort on the day helps – don’t worry too much about the specific time.


  17. Paul


    the title caught me – sounds interesting…
    pls send me your info.
    Even it is late: I have some ideas – check out your email for “book launch”

    all the best


  18. Theresa

    I’m all Fired Up – I’ll help!

  19. Arun

    Let your mind burn with Mindfire !!!! (It’s already 7th in Singapore)

  20. cristiana

    I only found this now and am sorry I couldn’t help…maybe next time :) I found your blog extremely helpful and think you are a great mind! Good luck and Merry Christmas :)


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