Video: My lecture on future of Vaccines

Last month I spoke at Crucell, one of the leading organizations in the world for inventing vaccines.  I gave a short talk on the future and past of innovation in science.   You can also read an interview I did with Giuseppe Marzio, their director of Innovation.

If you want hard core immunology, with cool CGI animations of how vaccines work, check out the Crucell YouTube channel.

2 Responses to “Video: My lecture on future of Vaccines”

  1. John

    Two questions:

    1) The tough one first: in the audience shots, especially at the beginning, they looked somewhat unengaged (bored??). I see this sometimes in my talks and it’s terrifying. Do you recall your feelings about how the talk was going as it was in progress, and what do you do when you’re unsure if the room is with you?

    2) I am also very interested in trying to understand the mind of innovators at the moment of their invention. I’ve ordered Watson’s book, but I’m wondering if you have any other references you’d care to share.



  2. Smaranda

    Semi-useless comment: your new beard is really not exceptionally telegenic.

    Not that the speech wouldn’t be good :)


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