Poll Results: Would you work from home?

Thanks to all 524 people who voted. All the data is in. Here are the results.

Of the 341 people not currently working from home:

  • 63% of you said you’d work from home if you could
  • 37% said you wouldn’t

Of the total 524 respondents:

  • 33% already work from home 
  • Since many of my readers work in tech fields, this is likely much higher than average

And some of you have magical powers:

  • 14 people voted “my work transcends space and time”
  • I can use your help the next time I have a book to promote

Observations from the comments:

  • Many talked about hybrids (Reffel, Archer, Duff ), suggesting if the question was worded “work from home some of the time” more people might have said yes
  • Several commenters flagged the culture as critical. Some work cultures would make this easier than others.
  • For some it’s personal – Elizabeth felt  it’s important to have strict lines dividing work and home.
  • It’s job dependent: some jobs are much harder to do remotely.
  • A top concern was perception of performance – the fear that if you worked from home, it’d be harder to prove you were working hard/effectively

Thanks everyone.


3 Responses to “Poll Results: Would you work from home?”

  1. Joachim Kristensen

    There is a danish researcher that is looking at the “borderless working life”, that is how to lead people when separated by distance. This includes different departments as well as people working from home. Unfortunately his book hasn’t been translated into english but maybe he has publish his findings in english. His name is Anders Raastrup Kristensen http://www.cbs.dk/Forskning/Institutter-centre/Institutter/LPF/Menu/Medarbejdere/Menu/Videnskabelige-medarbejdere/Videnskabelige-medarbejdere/Adjunkter/anders_kristensen
    As my work as a physiotherapist doing workplace ergonomics I’ve found that one of the most important things when working from home is the separation from home and work. Often it is not a good idea to work from the dinner table because there are to many distractions. A dedicated workspace is the way to go. That dosen’t mean that you shouldn’t do your housechors in between work but just that you can walk to and from your work.

  2. Charity Sastre

    i certainly would work from home. I already do.

  3. Rosalinda Morales

    Base to your question above; my answer was YES… as a mother of 2 kids I would prefer to work from home to look after them while working.


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