Prometheus review

  • It is a beautiful looking film.
  • There is some intrigue and mystery about sci-fi ideas.
  • Many stupid things are done by many characters at many points.
  • The plotting undermines everything else several times. If you expect much, you will be frustrated.

Summary: it’s worth watching. Don’t expect much for your brain, and you’ll be pleased.

It can be entertaining to discuss plot holes and connections to the rest of the series if you watch it with friends.


2 Responses to “Prometheus review”

  1. Colin Hall

    I struggled to keep awake during this movie. The plot was tiring, the characters had early potential, but soon faded into the special effects and the monsters were lame to say the least.

    For a film that started with such timed served questions about the origin of our species I think they botched it … sorry to be blunt. It just made me long for the days of Aliens, Star Wars and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I think movies are losing a grip on suspense and screenplay, instead grasping on to special effects to engage the paying public.


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