Syallabus for my Creative Thinking Course

I used to teach a class at the University of Washington on Creative Thinking. I’d love to teach it again someday, somewhere.  Now and then I get asked for the syllabus. Here it is:

Syllabus for COM 597 – How to Create and Manage Ideas (PDF)


5 Responses to “Syallabus for my Creative Thinking Course”

  1. Andy McA

    Hey Scott – just a thought — have you ever considered using a blog/google+ etc to teach an “online” course? or Even a (wow!) moodle install.

    Just curious since you said you’d love to teach it again, might be cool to utilize online tools to get to it.

    1. Scott Berkun

      I’d do it – I just doubt I’ll get around to all the logistics for it soon. If there was some online service that did it for me, I’d consider it. Also, it’d be a challenge to redesign the course to teach it online (not impossible, but a challenge).

      1. Christine

        I just found your website and after looking at this syllabus (which is an outline for what seems to be the most amazing course ever) I have to agree with Andy. Even though he commented in 2012 I still think you should offer an online course. I know you’re probably incredibly busy with other project but I think an online class, or even a retreat, would be of incredible value. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to reading your books.

  2. Hafizz Zanial

    Hey, Scott. I’m Hafizz from Malaysia. It was a good sharing from you. I wish to learn much more about creative thinking by online :)



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