Triple inspired by a film: Girl Walk All Day

I’ve said before we live in the best age in history to be a creative. It has never been easier to manifest ideas in the world. The tools, the sources of funding and the means to promote work are easier to access than ever.

I recently watched a film called Girl Walk All Day. It’s a simple movie. A young woman and several other characters dance their way through NYC. It feels like an extended music video. The surprise is I enjoyed it more than The Avengers, which I saw the day before. The Avengers, despite its spectacles, was simply boring, whereas there were dozens of interesting things about Girl Walk All Day.

Girl Walk All Day, directed by Jacob Krupnick, strikes at the challenge of indifference. Much of the film is shot improvisation style, and you can watch how everyone around the actors responds to them dancing in various unusual places. I often feel like we sleep through our days, living life as an endless routine, bored for no good reason with own lives. The film was a poke in the eye for people not to take everything so seriously and to do something. At least something fun.

The soundtrack for the film is a marvel in itself. Created by Gregg Gillis, it is comprised of a continuous remix of hundreds of famous songs from the last 20 years. Combined with the improvisational nature of the film, it’s a perfect mix of surprise and familiarity.

I was thrice inspired:

It begs the question: what can I do with $25k and 50 days? It should beg that question of anyone who daydreams about ‘what they could do if they got a chance’ while bored out of their minds at work – it proves how easily you can make your own opportunity. If you don’t invest in your own ideas, how can you expect someone else to?

You can download the soundtrack for free.  And the movie is online too (divided into chapters, which kills some of the power of the experience).

Here’s the preview:

5 Responses to “Triple inspired by a film: Girl Walk All Day”

  1. Danielle

    You’re in Seattle, right? Was this part of SIFF?

  2. Ryan Anthony


    Girl Talk is the name of an artist that creates mash up music. All Day was his fifth album. It was released before the film Girl Walk All Day (see how they got the title?). Check out his other music as well if you liked the music in Girl Walk All Day.


  3. Sthereo

    I am going to give the movie a try! All you said sounds yummy!

  4. Nearly Normal

    Thanks for this tip. Looks interesting, but they really should make it downloadable so I can watch it offline, on the device, and at the time I want.


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