Upcoming speaking events

The spring / summer calendar is shaping up. Here are the public events I’ll be speaking at over the next few months:

If you’re a local in any of these places, and might have a venue I can speak at while I’m in the neighborhood, let me know.


3 Responses to “Upcoming speaking events”

  1. lispython

    Dear Scott,

    I’m an editor at a Chinese publisher.

    As a reader of all your four books, I really like your new book Mindfire. This book is fun and ignites my mind. My friend and I really want to translate this book and introduce it to Chinese readers.

    I sent an email to you, but not get reply.

    Is the copyright of this book still available? I’d really like to hear your suggestions.

    Thank you.

  2. Sunil

    How about skipping Israel on your speaking tour?

    The civilized world is calling on on Israel to end it’s occupation of Palestine, and end it arpartheid policies.

    The crime of apartheid is defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Israel meets the conditions for violation of the law against apartheid, due to the violation of human rights that occour every day in the territory that it occupies.

    A global boycott helped to end apartheid in South Africa. A professional, academic and artistic boycott may also help end apartheid in Palestine.

    Should you choose not to partake, at least when you go to Israel, remember where you are: on occupied territory. The occupation is maintained by war crimes perpetuated every day.

    The indigenous people live and die at the whim of the occupier.


    1. Stam

      Sad to see, that for some, reading Scott Berkun’s  books does not help to develop even basic intelligence.

      Will be glad to see you in Israel, modern Mecca of innovation and start-ups!


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