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I’ve been hard at work on book #5. It’s about the year I spent working at  I want you readers to be more involved: an easy place to start is helping pick the title for the book.

Book Synopsis:, the planet’s 15th most popular website, has no headquarters: everyone works from wherever they want in the world. They don’t use email and have an open vacation policy. New work ships dozens of times a day to a live website used by millions of users. How is all this possible? What can other companies learn from their radical methods? In this book you’ll learn insights into leadership, management and the nature of work by following Berkun, bestselling author and former Microsoft manager from the early web, as he tells his story of trying to lead a team of young programmers and designers at the heart of this fascinating, brilliant company.

How voting works: This is the first round. There might be a second round. If you have a write-in candidate for title or sub-title, please vote anyway and leave your candidate in the comments. (My general theory on book titles)

And which subtitle?


If you want to be notified when the book is out: Leave a comment that says “I want to knooooooow when it’s out! WOOT” or something similarly ridiculous. And you’ll get an email when the time is right. Or just subscribe to the blog via the sidebar on the left.

Thanks folks. I’ll be writing more about the book over the next few weeks – stay tuned.

40 Responses to “Vote for the title of my next book”

  1. Joe Sokohl

    I want to knooooooow when it’s out! WOOT

    I’d recco: “No Pants Dance: Reinventing Work” (a nod to Little Feat).

    1. Danielle Gratrix

      Please send me an email when the book comes out.

      Oh, I almost forgot…. WOOOT!

  2. Ravi Gangadat

    I want to Knoooow when it’s out! WOOT

    I voted for: “Your Office Everywhere: How is reinventing work”

    I would love to receive a beta and I promise to give blunt and constructive feedback.

  3. Theo

    Let me knooooooooooooooow when i can put my pants on!

    1. Scott

      Not bad. A one word title – very Gladwellian.

    2. Matt

      I dig the one-word title too. The pants thing throws me a bit.

    3. Lynn Corrigan

      I like your title. Distributed was the first word that popped into my head too.

  4. Ray Gallon

    I want to knoooooooooooooooow when it’s out! WOOOOOOOOT

    My suggestion: “Without Pants: Reinventing Work at”

  5. Getzel Rubashkin

    Write in:
    “Pants Optional: How is reinventing the workplace”

    It seems from the options you offered that you see the merit in including something about work in the title, so I would add “Now Hiring – Pants Optional” or something similar that would include that as well.

  6. Kat

    What if we only wear pencil skirts?

    I want to know. Stat!

    1. Scott

      I spent an hour looking for a gender neutral word that was as funny as pants, but I couldn’t find one.

      Also, I confess I had no idea those skirts were called pencil skirts. Amazing that every little thing in this world has a name.

  7. Steve

    Arghhhhhh. Let me know!! (now submitted with correct email)

  8. Todd

    Officeless: The Story of How WordPress Reimagined The Workplace

  9. Vivek

    Let me know, when you finish writing…
    My title suggestion: “From WorkPress …to…WordPress”
    (trying to say that from pressed by work, or from work pressures to WordPress)

  10. Chris K

    There’s something about having pants in the title that’s appealing. Is this another self-publish work?

    I also want to knooooooowwww…. when the book is out.

  11. Heather Bussing

    Different Take> Free Range Work: How WordPress Runs Cage Free

  12. Gary Howard

    I would loooooooooooove to know when this book hits the shelves. Thanks for all the transparency in all the stuff that you do.

  13. Michael D

    Play off the “WordPress” name: Pressed Words – Sweat Pants

  14. DelC


    Not sure the whole “pants thing” will working for your English readers, unless of course you are a lot more laid back at WordPress then I was thinking.

  15. Kwan

    I want to Knoooow when it’s out! WOOT

  16. Harold

    Lemme know when it’s out

    Unsolicited book title suggestion: Pants or not, ready to work plus the subtitle.

  17. Niki

    I wonder if using “pants” in the title will limit your potential audience in the UK? Or perhaps give it a nice, if confused, boost?

  18. Tami

    What about “No Glass Ceilings…or Walls: How WordPress has re-invented the office.
    Or UnPressed for Words: How WordPress created an office pressed for walls.
    I voted for Work Everywhere: How WordPress is Re-inventing the Workplace.

  19. Andy Brook-Dobson

    I want to knooooooow when it’s out! WOOT

    Let me know when we can ditch our pants!

    How about a slightly different play on words:

    “Liberation: WordPress a casestudy on avoiding oPRESSion in the workplace!”, not quite there, but you get my drift?

    As a Brit, I understand some of the other commentors re the different meaning of “pants”; but hey a book that at face value appears to be about “going commando” might catch on!

  20. s.g

    Radical Business Success: Management, Innovation and Collaboration Like You’ve Never Seen

  21. Donald C

    Here’s some other possible alternative titles:


    Word to the Future

    Unevenly Distributed (nod to Gibson’s quote about the future)

    Working In The Open

    Without knowing the thesis/hypothesis/conclusion of the book, it’s a little harder for me to evaluate titles.


  22. Angel Gavin

    Ups! I just sent my letter to Santa!

    I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it, Santa, pleeeeeease! :)

  23. Kylie

    Woot and all that, of course.

    Title suggestion would be: Omnipress: how WordPress is reinventing the workplace. But since Omnipress is another company it could be Omnipressence, as a more explicit play on the fact it’s everywhere.

  24. Cool Person

    I don’t want to know when the book is out!

  25. Smaranda

    I don’t get the “without pants” analogy. If it’s an English expression I’m not familiar with then my bad, but do keep in mind that you will be selling this book to non-native speakers also. :)

  26. Elwyn

    “Working without pants” is great and I don’t want to sound negative, but I can’t help feeling that “reinventing” is one of those words that should be on your ‘banned’ list, like “breakthrough”, “transformative” and so on…

  27. Jennifer McKenna

    I like the no pants idea, but I think you might lose some of your audience.
    Write in suggested earlier is good.. needs to be shorter..
    (leave it to your genius to figure that out)

    UnPressed for Words: How WordPress created an office pressed for walls.


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